Classic Rooms

Main House

While adding modern comforts, we have worked hard to preserve this historic house in its original style, so that guests can comfortably enjoy Yoshida-Sanso and all of its unique features. The house is designed to present a magnificent view of Mt. Daimonji and the entire range of Kyoto's eastern mountains: upstairs, each room has a view of the mountains, downstairs, a view of the garden.


Room - 寿 Kotobuki

2nd Floor
Twin, 16.5㎡  
(10 tatami mats)

Kotobuki is an elegant room that enjoys a lovely view of the ryokan garden with its flowering cherry tree.



2nd Floor  
Twin, 16.5㎡  
(10 tatami mats)

Fuku is a very bright corner room that commands a fine view of both the Higashiyama mountains and the ryokan garden below.



1st Floor  
Twin, 13.2 ㎡  
(8 tatami mats)

Nan-ten is a favorite of the local Zen monks, offering the meditative and intimate atmosphere of a traditional tearoom, with a beautiful view of the garden




  Per Person


Rooms in the main house:
With 2 meals (dinner & breakfast) / 35,000JPY〜
With breakfast only / 25,000JPY〜

* Tax and service charge are additional



  • When bathing you have complete privacy in a gorgeous tile bath. Note that in traditional Japanese ryokan inn style, the bath is not ensuite with the room.

Hanare Detached Suite

The Hanare was built in the sukiya style of traditional Japanese architecture, constructed entirely of Kitayama sugi (a highly prized Japanese cedar from northern Kyoto). This refined dwelling abounds with the atmosphere and fragrance of Kyoto.


Room 離れ Hanare

Twin, 20㎡  
8 & 6 tatami mats                                                                                                 Hanare features a small kitchen & private bath and bathroom.



  Per Person

With 2 meals (dinner & breakfast) / 75,000 JPY〜
With breakfast only / 60,000 JPY〜
* Tax and service charge are additional.


【Check In ・ Check Out】

  • Check In / 15:00 ~ 21:00
  • Check Out / 11:00



  • Dine in the main house enjoying a garden view.
  • Room Amenities: Wi-Fi / Air conditioning / Flat-screen TV / Yukata (Japanese robe) / Tabi-socks / Tanzen Haori (robe with light jacket, in winter) / Towels / Hairbrush / Razor / Shower cap / Body soap / Shampoo & Conditioner / Soap / Hair dryer / Toothbrush / Toner, Emulsion, Make up remover / Tea set / Iron (brought by request).


  1. Upon your arrival, you are greeted with tea and a local sweet. *Available until 21:00
  2. All guests receive a unique traditional hachimaki towel with our special chrysanthemum crest.
  3. Enjoy relaxing coffee time at our Café Shinkokan after breakfast.



Note that all prices are based on double occupancy. Guests traveling solo will still need to pay the full room rate for two people.