Nestled in the peace and quiet of Mt. Yoshida, Yoshida-Sanso was originally built by master craftsmen as the residence of Prince Higashi-Fushimi, uncle of the current Japanese Emperor Akihito. An elegant blend of East and West, the architecture reflects the sophisticated tastes of the Japanese nobility during the early Showa era.  At the heart of this lies the aesthetic of wabi-sabi, an appreciation of the beauty of the simpleThe owners of Yoshida-Sanso invite you to stay with us and experience the true essence of Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital of arts and culture.


The main house at Yoshida Sanso was built in the classic Shoin style of Japanese architecture, using the finest materials and workmanship available. We have painstakingly preserved the many elegant details of this historic house, while also adding many modern comforts and amenities for our guests.


Our talented chefs have dedicated their lives to preserving and perfecting the fine art of Kyoto-style kaiseki cuisine. Crafted from the very freshest of seasonal delicacies, each dish manifests the natural essence of the ingredients featured. Come and enjoy the pleasures of a truly flavorful and unique dining experience.


We are pleased to introduce Café Shinkokan at Yoshida-Sanso. Built as part of the imperial villa for Prince Higashi-Fushimi in the 1930s, Shinkokan retains its original outer appearance, while offering an elegant café and salon inside.

You can enjoy marvelous views of Mt. Hiei, Mt. Daimonji, and the Higashiyama mountain range from the second floor, surrounded by greenery and fresh air. Both Shinkokan and the main house are ideally suited for wedding ceremonies, concerts, reunions and seminars.  

For those guests who wish to enjoy after-breakfast coffee outside of their room, we invite you to come and savor it while enjoying the views from our Shinkokan Café.